About us

Fabric Chocolates is an artisan, family-run manufactory where everything comes to life by our hands.

We believe that packaging, form and taste cannot exist without each other, and together they become a harmonious whole.

This inspires us to make more and more chocolates.

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Our Awards

Every year we go to the Academy Of Chocolate Awards in London, with one or two of our own bars and dragées that we think we have done well. We are very proud of the awards we have won in this very tough competition. So far we have received over 27 different awards in the world’s toughest chocolate competitions, including the Academy of Chocolate Awards, the International Chocolate Awards and the Great Taste Awards.

Only from the best ingredients

When it comes to spices, ingredients and spices, we are able to search for months and months to locate the places where we can find the best quality.

Custom orders

for special occasions

We love custom requests, personal gifts that become unforgettable memories. From banquets for hundreds of people to romantic dinners for two, we create unique bars and dragees. Of course, there is a touch of FABRIC in the end, but everything from the seasoning, to the shape of the chocolate, to the packaging, is created in close collaboration with the customer.

From the cocoa bean to the bar

The agricultural land

Our chocolates are made from raw materials from various production areas and plantations around the world. From Madagascar, the Sambirano Valley, Mexico, Ecuador… We select according to the characteristics of the growing areas. Like grapes for a good wine, cocoa beans have flavor notes that can be used and seasoned. This is the most important stage of the creative process for Fabric chocolates. Finding the best growing area.

The manufactory

The processing takes place in a manufactory environment, our bars are handmade. We take great care in sourcing all our ingredients, so if a fruit is only available in Hamburg or London, it comes from there. Our spices and fruits come from the world’s biggest ports and farmers’ markets, after rigorous quality control.

The chocolates

Bar chocolates, dragees, bonbons, hot chocolates. Our product range is growing. We combine design with chocolate manufacturing. We have huge freedom to create, the variations are endless. Product development is perhaps our favorite part of the chocolate life.

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chocolate maker:

Viktória Szeleczky-Takács