Fabric Chocolate is a family chocolate business.

Our bars, bonbons and truffles are mixtures of design gastronomy and passion. Ne never use artificial flavoring, coloring, our goal is to have everything as natural as possible, creating the healtiest bars any chocolatier can imagine.

Making chocolate is our passion, and we are keen on transferring this emotinal approach through our bars. One succesful chocolate inspires five new ones, and this is the core of our constantly fresh and unique lineup.


Arriba milk chocolate with honey-millet flakes and cinnamon

High-quality milk chocolate, which really tastes like chocolate due to the high amount of cocoa. A light cinnamon note creates an exotic touch on the tongue.

White Chocolate with Cinnamon and Lemon

The high cocoa content combined with the fine aroma of cinnamon and the freshness of the lemon wonderfully harmonize on the tongue.

White chocolate with Japanese, green tea and ginger

Silk soft chocolate enriched with Matcha green tea, fresh ginger and oriental spices. A very special chocolate which always surprises our customers.

Arriba milk chocolate with dried sour cherries and poppy seeds

The fruity cherries in combination with the chocolate makes the taste a sweet experience.

Arriba milk chocolate with lavender and apricots

High-quality lavender oil and fully matured apricots give the chocolate a fruity, flowery elegance.

Dark, Mexican chocolate with cocoa beans Tuile

Mexican chocolate enriched with the finest Tuile (French crunchy chocolate waffle) made with cocoa beans from Madagascar.

Dark, Mexican chocolate with caramelized almonds and smoked salt

Mexican chocolate processed with hand caramelized almonds and Scotish smoked sea salt. Sound weird, tastes awesome!

Dark, Mexican chocolate pure 66%

Best, pure chocolate, which we have only slightly enriched with aromas of almond and dried fruits.

Dark, Madagascan chocolate with roasted, brown rice

Pure chocolate, which we only enriched with mildly roasted brown rice. The rice is hardly no ceable, but gives the chocolate a nice, crispy touch.

Santo Domingo Dark chocolate with dates and cardamom

The natural, fruity and light spicy chocolate aroma is transformed into a truly oriental taste experience through dates and cardamom.

Santo Domingo Dark chocolate with figs and pine nuts

A fruity-crispy chocolate, which convinces by its balanced structure. The perfect companion to a strong red wine.

Sao Thomé Dark chocolate with black sesame and raspberries

We roast black sesame, add raspberry balsamic vinegar, mix the result with the chocolate and finally round up the bar with lyophilized raspberries.

Dark, Ecuadorian chocolate with kumquat & coffee beans

We supply the chocolate with candied kumquats and finely grinded coffee beans from Rwanda.

Dark madagascar chocolate with plum jam and plum plainka

Chocolate from Madagascar with plum palinka and spicy plum jam. One of our most succesful bars.

Dark Madagascan chocolate with walnuts & orange

Chocolate from Madagascar which we have enriched with the finest orange oil and walnuts.

Milk chocolate from Madagascar with caramelized cocoa bean slivers and almonds

Winner of "Best Packaging" in 2016 at the Academy Of Chocolate Awards. The bar also won bronze, taste it and you'll know why!

Cuban chocolate with Tonka beans and date vinegar

The touch of date vinegar gives a slightly sour, fruity note, which is rounded off by the addition of Tonka beans.

Cuban chocolate with dried tomatoes and raspberry vinegar

The excetionally strong chocolate convinces with its intense aromas. For chocolate experts a new tongue tickler.

Pecan nuts with cinnamon and lemon

We take the caramelised nuts and add a bit of cinnamon and lemon. Our most succesful product to date.

Hot Chocolate

There is only one trick for hot chocolate: it has to be thick, warm, and delicious. Just like ours...

Viktória Szeleczky-Takács


8 times Academy Of Chocolate, 3 times International Chocolate and Great Taste Awards winner

It all started five years ago. Due to a lucky coincidence, I found artisan chocolate. On that day, it became very clear, that design, packaging and flavoring have to go hand in hand, when creating a chocolate bar. For me, creating the right "trinity" is the very base of chocolate creation. Cocoa beans changed my life. Everything evolves and circles around the shapes, forms and taste of chocolate. Our family business is also my long lasting love...

In great company

Every year we enter the Academy Of Chocolate Awards in London, with a few bars, that we think, turned out well. We are very proud owners of these awards, especially, since we earned them in very prestigious company. So far, we have more than 12 different trophies from the most prestigious competitions worldwide: The Academy of Chocolate Awards, The Great Taste Awards and the International Chocolate Awards.


Only the best ingredients

Usually it takes weeks, sometimes months, to find the best natural herbs, spices and fruits for our bars. On top of that, we guarantee that there is not one Fabric chocolate product that has added artificial aromas, colors or unnatural components.

Special wishes

Unique requests for special occasions

We love requests! We love to design personal gifts, and see the whole process of one person's idea taking shape in a chocolate bar. From events hosting hundreds of guests, to a romantic dinner for two, we do all! We design unique bars, special truffels and bonbons. Of course, there's always a slight Fabric-feel to it, but from the spices used to the shape and packaging, we strongly work together with our clients.

Product info


Our chocolates are made from the finest cocoa beans from around the world, originating from Madagascar, The Sambirano Valley, Mexico and Ecuador, just to name a few. Each territory has its own unique flavor style. Like you would think with wines. All cocoa beans have a unique taste, and after we select the territory for the bar, we start pairing that flavor with the spices we desired for the chocolate. This is the most important part of the process: finding the right spices for the right kind of chocolate.

Our workshop

We process everything in our workshop, using only artisan methods. We believe in the best ingredients, so we dedicate extra research to finding and ordering the best fruits and spices for our chocolates. If one ingredient can only be found in Hamburg, we order from there, if the other is in London, we have delivery from England. Most of our fruits and spices come from the world's biggest ports and farmer markets, after a very long and thorough quality check.

The Chocolate bar

Chocolate bars, truffles, bonbons, nut based dragees and hot chocolate. We develope more and more products each month, mixing design with chocolateering. Constant development is the most fun in the chocolate making process, we love it, since it gives us an enormous space to explore artistically.




Viktória Szeleczky-Takács







Company info:

Name: Zurg and Fabric Kft. 
Representatives: Szeleczky-Takács Viktória, Szeleczky Ádám
Base: 1116, Budapest Kalotaszeg street. 15. 
Tax Number: 14146820-2-43 
EU Tax number: HU14146820 
Registration number: 01-09-890981

Chocolate factory location and contact:

1116, Budapest., Temesvár street 8., Hungary  
Telephone: +36 30 463 3355 
E-mail: info@fabriccsoki.hu