Physalis dragee

We coated dried physalis with 75% Cuban dark chocolate flavored with cinnamon blossom and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Ecuador 74%

This Ecuadorian 74% dark chocolate has been with us almost from the very beginning, because we love working with these cocoa beans. The exceptionally fine Arriba Nacional cocoa beans are purchased through a German importer from small family cocoa farms.

Philippines 75%

Our cocoa beans from the Philippines are a real pleasure to work with. The Mana variety, grown at Saloy Estate’s plantation in Davao, in the southern Philippines, with 75% cocoa content, really brings out the acidity and oily seed notes of the delicious red berry fruit.

Madagascar milk chocolate 62% with smoked cane sugar

We used our cocoa beans from the Millot plantation in the Sambrano valley of Madagascar to make this really fruity milk chocolate. Unlike usual, however, we used smoked cane sugar, which gave the whole chocolate a whisky-like character in addition to the creaminess of the milk and the citrusiness of the cocoa bean.

Solomon Islands 72%

The tropical Solomon Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean, in Melanesia. It is made up of more than 900 volcanic islands. This is also noticeable in the taste of our chocolate made from cocoa beans from here.