Dark chocolates


Mexican dark chocolate with smoked salt and caramelized almonds

A 66% dark chocolate from the Chiapas region of Mexico, paired with almonds caramelised with our own smoked salt.


Mexican dark chocolate with cocoa bean tuile

66% Mexican dark chocolate from an organic plantation in the Chiapas region. We paired it with a very special cocoa bean crisp, also known as cocoa bean tuile.


Dominican dark chocolate with figs and pine nuts

This 70% dark chocolate comes from the Caribbean. The flavours are remind of tropical fruits and sweet spices. Paired with dried figs and toasted pine nuts.


Dominican dark chocolate with cardamom and dates

Our dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic is an evolution of one of our old bonbons.

The unique character of honey-sweet dates and cardamom blend with the fruity, spicy notes of chocolate.


Sao Thomé dark chocolate with raspberries and black sesame seeds

To this 70% chocolate from the west of Africa, with a unique and complex flavour, we added black sesame seeds roasted in raspberry balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with a little raspberry.


Ecuadorian 80% dark chocolate with kumquats and coffee beans

80% Ecuadorian dark chocolate with a smoky, banana character. This strong, very distinctive chocolate is paired with candied kumquats and Rwandan coffee beans. For us, this bar is a dance of flavours.


Madagascar dark chocolate with oranges and walnuts

Fruity dark chocolate from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, paired with orange oil and walnuts.


Madagascar dark chocolate with tomatoes and raspberries

To our favourite Madagascar chocolate we added dried tomatoes in raspberry balsamic vinegar, which further emphasised the citrusy, fruity character of the chocolate.


Cuba 75% with date vinegar and tonka beans

Smoky, sweet and spicy, 75% dark chocolate with notes of dried fruit, to which we added date balsamic vinegar and tonka beans.


Madagascar dark chocolate with toasted brown rice

Real Madagascar dark chocolate from the Millot plantation in the Sambirano Valley, paired with toasted brown rice. A very special and unusual experience