Cashew nut dragee with pink pepper and apricot

The caramelized cashew nuts are coated with 44% Madagascar milk chocolate with pink pepper and then dusted with apricot powder.


Cashew nut dragee with orange oil and ginger

The caramelized cashew nuts are coated with 62% Madagascar milk chocolate with orange and ginger oil, then covered with cocoa powder.


Physalis dragee

We coated dried physalis with 75% Cuban dark chocolate flavored with cinnamon blossom and sprinkled with cocoa powder.


Spring cherry dragee

We coated dried black cherries in 62% Madagascar milk chocolate flavoured with almond oil and then rolled them in our own dried scones.


Cocoa bean dragee

After roasting our Madagascar cocoa beans, we caramelize them with a little cane sugar. We coat them with 62% Madagascar milk chocolate flavoured with raspberry vinegar and tonka bean, and finally we roll them in cocoa powder.


Chai latte coffee dragee

Light roasted Ethiopian coffee beans are coated with white chocolate flavoured with chai latte.


Raspberry pecan dragee

We coated caramelized pecans with tonka beans and Madagascar milk chocolate flavored with raspberry vinegar.


Lemon and cinnamon pecan dragee

After caramelizing the pecans with cane sugar, we coated them little by little with our lemon-cinnamon white chocolate.